Thursday, October 30, 2014

How about those Learning Labs?!?

So, November is just around the corner....EeeeeK! Where has the time gone? With the end of the year quickly approaching it is time to sort of re-evaluate the Learning Labs. Where should we go from here? We are so curious to hear your thoughts.... 

Do you like them? 
How can we increase involvement?   
Should we continue on in the Spring? Say January - April 
If so are you willing to teach... We need your help ;) 
Is once a month working? 
Is Friday still working for those interested? 
Please share your ideas... :)

If you'd prefer not to comment below, feel free to email us at


  1. Hey, apparently the "default" comment setting on the blog was disallowing viewers to post comments. This has been changed... so please post away ;)

  2. We are loving the Learning Labs! Fridays work great for us, as it is a positive and fun way to end the week. The kids especially enjoyed the crafts - likely because that isn't something we do a lot of at home. ;) And seeing them engaged in conversations with other kids was fantastic!

    I am definitely willing to teach more classes, the P.E. class was fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy it ~ I would be happy to continue P.E. or, it would be fun to work up a play or performance of some kind to present to friends and family at the end of the school year. We would likely need more than once a month to prepare for that, though.

    Thanks to everyone, I feel like Learning Labs is a keeper! ~Jacque

    1. Jacque, Thanks for your feedback! Sorry again about the blog/comment delay... trying to work out these kinks ;)

  3. I like the learning labs, and my kids like them too! I think we should continue and have labs January through April. I also think the 2nd Friday of the month works great and I am still willing to help with teaching. Perhaps we could brainstorm ideas for upcoming months while we are eating lunch after the November lab? Or I would be willing to host a moms' meeting in December. -Sarah