Wednesday, February 25, 2015

March Learning Labs!!

The Iditarod begins on Mush.. ahem, March, we thought it would be fun to incorporate that theme throughout the upcoming labs which will be on March 13th.  The labs will include :

1)  Iditarod lab - all about the "Last Great Race"
2)  Poetry lab 
3)  Cooking lab - snacks (not lunch this time)
4)  Science lab

There is a $5 charge per student or $10 per family, fees cover supplies.  Bring a sack lunch to have a little hang out time afterwards.  Please sign-up by the 6th.  Hope to see you there!!

Reminder for Learning Labs: Each student should bring as many poems as they like. These should be written by other authors and can be copied by hand, typewritten, or photocopied. We will have some time to add illustrations and will also be working on the cover for our poetry books in addition to learning about the Iditarod. ALSO they should have written a limerick and/or a concrete (shaped) poem for their books. I've attached the information. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you on Friday! - from Sarah Hoyt :) 

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